In LA Mum’s the Word on Super Bowl, A Mets Moment and LeBron


Funny, you don’t hear that much talk about the Super Bowl  in LA. It’s like they know. Can’t blame ’em either. Yeah, ya can say LA is not your typical football town – Hollywood types, the beach,  and all that glitter – but this is The Super Bowl and LA has a team involved in the closest thing to a national holiday that, well, isn’t a national holiday.

The Rams are facing GOAT Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, who the late Vince Lombardi somewhere is oohing and ahhing over his coaching moves. It was quiet in Berlin too when the Germans knew Dwight Eisenhower and Patton were on their way.  “The Joker” wasn’t laughing aloud either when he heard Batman and Robin starting the Batmobile. Muhammad Ali and trainer Angelo Dundee had a way of quieting the opposition’s fan base. Nobody likes to eat crow and these historic duos seem to know how to serve it time and time again – with all the trimmings.

The Patriots are in the Super Bow for the 11th time, nine of which have come since 2001. It’s probably gonna be a a great game and The Rams will probably have the task of stopping Brady and Belichick (and Ron Gronkowski to, BTW) in the closing minutes. Can’t blame the Rams fans for being a bit subdued leading up to this Sunday. It’s one thing when you team is favored, but when you already suspect your hopes will rise and be dashed, it’s like, “Why get excited. I have watched others. Not me.I’m smarter than that.”

Then, there’s the feeling that your boys really don’t belong in the first place and Karma is about to take a bite out of your behind. Nickell Robey-Coleman uncalled pass interference call put the Rams in the Super Bowl and, human nature being what it is, demands you don’t gloat too loudly. Somebody (NFL) may change their mind. Just keep walking and keep your mouth shut  like nothing happened.

Doesn’t help either that a Boston team snuffed your baseball team in the World Series.

Baseball’s NL East a Free-For-All

Speaking of baseball, spring training right around the corner now, baaaaaby!!! Let’s just get this Super Bowl  over with and get on with the best time of the year …

Let’s Go Mets! I  say it ever year, but I swear, with the moves former super agent and newly appointed general manager Brodie Van Wagenen, has made, my boys are gonna be in playing in October …

The NL East is gonna be a free-for-all this season with the Mets, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves and Philadelhia Phillies all improving. The Phillies are expected to sign big-ticket free agent Bryce Harper or Manny Machado to make things even more interesting.

Lebron James vs. Luke Walton

Reports suggest “Lebron James’  camp” would like to see Lakers Coach Luke Walton removed.  Walton should have folded James’ towels with the seams down like he was told ..

The Rams weren’t the only ones looking to take fast the fast track out of New Orleans to LA recently. Anthony Davis a trade from the Pelicans and the Lakers are waiting with open arms. Talks are underway.

Wish Manny Pacquaio would retire and run for President of the Phillippines just to show everyone what a real tough guy being president looks like.

The New York Knicks made a huge move this past week in trading Kristaps Porzingas to the Dallas Mavericks. The move frees up salary cap room for the Knicks to make deals for two mega contracts. Knicks’ fans are excited as Knick fans can get given the teams ineptitude – for decades. Their hopes have been dashed almost as many times as Patriots haters.

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